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Dan O'Farrell

VMware View 5.1 and Wyse Day One Support

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Today VMware announced the availability of the next release of its flagship desktop virtualization software, VMware View 5.1.

View 5.1 with PCoIP protocol promises to deliver end user freedom and IT control from your cloud, enabling a rich, personalized user experience to desktop services like multimedia applications, unified communications and 3D graphics.

View 5.1 offers a number of new features and capabilities aimed at improving both the end user experience as well as further easing the management of desktops, especially for organizations looking to aggressively scale the number of VMware View virtual desktops.

Wyse is continuing our tradition of Day One support for VMware View with View 5.1, meaning our industry-leading Windows Embedded, Linux, and Wyse ThinOS thin clients and our zero client for VMware View, the Wyse P20, support these latest advancements from VMware as soon as they become available.

New features in View 5.1 like improved management, strong 2-factor authentication via RADIUS, and greater support for Mac and Linux platforms run hand-in-hand with the joint value that Wyse and VMware deliver, which is increased security, easier management, and extensive support for anytime-anywhere access to your applications and content. One joint VMware/Wyse customer planning to migrate to View 5.1, who is currently benefiting from View and Wyse P20 zero clients is the Daughters of Charity Health System in San Jose, CA.

Day One support from Wyse for VMware View 5.1 serves as strong evidence of how our two companies work closely with a common goal – to bring powerful, cost-effective desktop virtualization to those who are looking for a much more secure, easier to manage, and flexible desktop environment across the organization.

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  1. Vladimir -
    Vladimir's Avatar
    Sorry, but seems like the reality is different! Since VMWare View 5.1 is in place, but Wyse PocketCloud still doesn't support it. It's not Day One, even Month One Support by far!
    So, I would appreciate if you can share your plans / dates for the new release of PocketCloud Pro. Thank you, vladimir