I was using Remote Desktop to access my Windows 8 desktop but it suddenly stopped working. For WEEKS I have been trying everything I could think of and everything people on the Microsoft support Forums could think of, but nothing helped. There is simply nothing listening on port 3389 but everything looked to be configured correctly.

Last night I spent 2.5 hours with Microsoft support and got nowhere except to have the case escalated and delayed.

A few minutes ago, I installed Pocketcloud Companion on this Windows 8 system and I saw a message scroll by: "Configuring Remote Desktop" so I decided to test Remote Desktop again.

It's working!

Clearly the Wyse engineers know something a whole lot of other people don't. I am immensely grateful and the money I spent at the iPad APP store is money very well spent.

I just wish I could figure out WHAT got changed that fixed the problem? Obviously it was a setting somewhere but what and where?