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Thread: Copy File from WDM Manager to Wyse Device

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    Copy File from WDM Manager to Wyse Device

    Good Afternoon,

    Currently I did push image on 200 devices using the same configuration.

    I am not able to copy a sample .txt file from WMD to a Wyse Device.
    I am trying this to update the .ini file for time syncronization on the device.

    Following steps were done:
    1) Created a .rsp file using Script Builder.
    2) SF "<regroot>\test.txt" "C:\TEST"
    I saved the .rsp file on WDM server: C:\TeranetPackages

    Following are created the folder:
    Khaja-TestingCopyFile.rsp (File)
    Khaja-TestingCopyFile (Folder)

    In Khaja-TestingCopyFile (Folder) I copied the test.txt file.

    3) I did register the .rsp file on the WDM Manager in Other Packages category.
    4) I did go the following location to check the <regroot>


    2 files CRC and test.txt files are there

    5) I did Right Click and View Package Properties:

    Category=Other Packages
    ; Date: 4/13/2011

    SF "<regroot>\test.txt" "C:\TEST"

    6) Clicked on Device Manager
    7) Right clicket Selected the device
    8) Selected the Package Distribution Wizard for pushing the package.
    9) I did check the Schedules and I saw that the schedule had task and then it disappeared after completing.

    10) After following the above steps test.txt file should be there on the Device

    I don't know what I am missing because of which the file is not getting copied.

    The Devices have Windows Embedded Standard OS.

    Please, do help me in this regard.

    Thanks in Advance..


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    I am also new to WDM. This is how I got it to work.
    1. The location <C:\TeranetPackages> where you saved the .rsp file should have created a folder with the same name.
    2. Copy the test.txt to that folder

    I believe the problem is because you did not create/save the .rsp file to the root initially.

    Hope that works...


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