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Thread: Cannot use Pocketcloud on local network without an internet connection?

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    Cannot use Pocketcloud on local network without an internet connection?

    I would like to be able to access a machine on my local network from my iPad when there is no internet connection present. It seems PocketCloud will not start if it does not detect an internet connection. If I start the app and then remove the internet connection, it works beautifully. As soon as I shut down the app, once I restart it shuts down within a few seconds. Is there a reason for this? Why shouldn't I be able to access machines on my local network remotely? Is there a workaround for this?

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    Gmail account information to blame

    I solved this problem by removing my gmail account details. It is a hassle having to re-enter them later, but it is at least a workaround. It would be nice if not having an internet connection present didn't crash the program.

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    GREAT CATCH! We will fix this in our next release. Thank you for your feedback.

    Wyse Mobile

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    Looking forward to it Chris, thank you!

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    Hi all
    sorry for using this thread after 3 years but I have how the same problem
    We are using iPAD 4 (IOS 7.0.3) and we installed PocketCloud Pro 2.2.271
    We are connected to a network without internet access and we receive the message "There is no network connection available at the moment. Please turn off Airplane mode"

    Obviously Airplane mode is already turned off and the network is working correctly if I use other apps (I tried to use other RDP apps and they are working correctly)
    Any idea ? Thank you


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