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Thread: An access denied error.. RDP/VNC

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    An access denied error.. RDP/VNC

    I've been working on this error for about an hour but I couldn't find anything wrong and this is driving me crazy.

    When I try to diagnose "An access denied error occured when configuring your remote desktop." comes into the view.

    To be honest, I don't know very much about RDP (Remote Desktop) or VNC.

    My user account is the only account on this PC and it's an administrator one. But I am not quite sure where to check if my user account is belonging to both admin. and remote desktop users groups.

    Other then these, there is full access to the software through the firewall, I've checked them all.

    Is it sensible to save a RDP config file to wherever i want ?
    To sum up, I need to know where to check RDP / VNC settings.

    Thank you in advance

    A quick edit:By the way I didn't mention but what I am trying to use is the AutoDetection thing and I have read all the issues about this problem throughout the whole forum. Nothing worked for me.
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    1.If you are trying to use Auto Discovery you need to install PocketCloud Windows Companion 2.1.5 from
    2.Login with your Google account on your Android device and Windows Companion.
    If you are using Windows Home Edition then you will need to install TightVNC on your PC too.

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