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    USB Printer Help

    I am a technology director in a small school district in NE Ohio. We have about 1500 students K-12. We recently acquired about 500 R100 thin Clients. We have setup several printers throughout the schools over IP. I have several administrative offices that have non-networked printers. I know that the version of windows has many drivers running already.

    After I plug the printer in using USB, what should I do to make sure that the user will be able to use that printer each time they login? Can I make the fix through the users settings and have it saved as part of their personal settings without configuring the server?

    I had a user plug in a HP Laserjet 1300 and it installed the print driver one day and they were able to print. The next day, they plugged in an Epson 590 for printing something else and the Laserjet stopped showing up on the print list with the IP Printers and the Epson. Strange? What do you think happened? I also saw that the driver was still available but it didn't show up in the print menu and I couldn't add the printer.

    If there is scripting that can be done through the Config Generator that I can add to all the staff images to enable them to add local USB printers, I will do that.

    This system is still very new to us. My technician and I are working very diligently to get all the kinks worked out before all our users will be online in 2 weeks.

    Thanks for any and all info,

    John G

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    Basically the R10L is going to give printer pass through. This means it tells the server what printer is plugged in and, if there is a matching printer driver installed on the remote server, the printer will map. You do need to make sure the "printer identification" on the thin client matches the printer driver exactly, case sensitive, space, every exactly as the printer driver is identified on the server.
    Here is a article in the Wyse KB that may help:
    Solution 10824: Wyse Thin O/S - How to set up Printers
    Also here is an article that will help identify the printer driver:
    Solution 16133: Print Driver - How to Determine the Print Driver for Wyse Thin Client Printing

    Also you can use the confgen to create mac address ini files with the specific printers connected to a particular device.
    Reference this article for more on that:
    Solution 15167: Wyse Thin O/S - Managing V10L's via the WNOS.INI

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