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Thread: Disable Settings for Users

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    Disable Settings for Users


    i'm new on using wyse thinclients with wyse os. I've read a lot about disabling settings for users with centralized configuration.

    Right now we don't have centralized configuration cause we only have 3 thin clients. Is there a way to disable all this configuration options for normal users as well? It would be okay if there is a password or something like this to protect the system and network settings.

    Thanks for help.


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    WTOS only supports controlling the privilege level via the centralized config file (WNOS.INI).
    you can easily setup a FTP server and folder with the WNOS.INI file and manually point each terminal to the FTP site using the local GUI of WTOS.

    check out and look under the WTOS section for specifics on the FTP folder needed, and you can download a tool from to generate INI files.
    the tool is called config gen.

    hope this helps.

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