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Thread: Forgotten Password WYSE Thin Client XPe

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    Forgotten Password WYSE Thin Client XPe


    Can anyone help me with this issue?
    I aquired a Wyse Model # VX0 - Prod ID: Winterm V90 - Part # 902094-06 with XPe.
    Cannot log on to local machine. Do I need to reset or flash new XP image ?
    Cannot start in safe mode - get BSOD!

    Thank you for any help!


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    The default password for the administrator is Administrator (uppercase A). You may need to re-image teh device, but the V90 is already inits end-of-life cycle and it's no longer supported.
    Safe mode does not exist on XPe.
    Roger Montalvo
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    Surely by definition there is no need to as it should only contain the OS and nothing else - weird.

    Not familiar with the Wyse clients but if it's anything like the HP ones, can't you just download a new image onto usb drive and flash the ROM. This should* put a clean version of the OS and remove the bios password.

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    Did you get your problem solved?

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