Hi Online Community,

I would be most grateful if the wyse online community could help me some advice/support to resolve my problem?

Firstly, I am new to cloud computing and only received my Wyse T50 product today - yes, your right I was so excited until now! I purchased it on the basis that I wanted to downgrade from having a laptop as a means for surfing the internet and using Google as my main server, so to say.

Anyway, I have followed the Wyse quick guide manual and connected up my console and all has worked fine with the exception of accessing Google Chrome or the internet. The following messages appears: Error 137 (net::ERR_NAME_RESOLUTION_FAILED): Unknown error.

At first I thought it was my DSL router to which I have checked all the equipment associated and that is operating fine. I have swapped my wireless connection from my laptop to a wired ethernet connection (one that is connected to my Wyse console) and I have had no problems accessing the internet. I have read lots of forums, but cannot seem to find one that provides me with a step by step configuration of setting up my Wyse T50 so that I can access the internet.

Please note that I am after a step by step configuration to set up my internet connection. To help you, I can access my router's admin page to provide me with the relevant information - not sure if this is needed though?

On my Wyse console desktop I have two icons, Chromium Web Brower & Terminal. I don't use Citrix or VMWare even though they can be added.

Step by step instructions would be most grateful so that I can hopefully use my new console!

Thanks in advance.