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Thread: SCCM and the R90L7

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    SCCM and the R90L7


    In our organisation i'm busy getting sccm to deploy WES7 to the R90L7 thinclients. So far i followed the admin guide and it seams to work via the advertisement. But i cannot find any info on deploying the image via pxe boot (F12). Is there any information available? For the first deployement the F12 option is a bit better. Since we do not have to configure the sccm client and wait for sccm to publish the advertisement.

    Deploying full windows 7 systems works fine by the way.

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    Have you figured it out yet??
    We have the same thinclients, imaging of the thinclients by USB works without any problems.
    I want to deploy a reference image to the Wyse thinclient by pxe boot, is this possible with SCCM 2007 R3 ???
    I've added the network driver to the bootimage but i can't get it to boot in PE


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    Still struggeling to get pxe boot to work with the Wyse clients, for laptops and desktops everything works fine.
    Hope someone can point me in the right direction, read all the docs but i'm still stuck.


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    Similar issue, we can get it to pxe boot via sccm 2007. We can successfully deploy all 3 partitions and the image successfully installs. Upon the user turning it on for the first time after it gets to a black screen with the word grub

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