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Thread: "Authentication Failed" What does this mean and how to fix it?

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    "Authentication Failed" What does this mean and how to fix it?

    So I received the error "Authentication Failed". What does this mean, and, more importantly, how do I fix this? I'm eager to try out Wyse pocketcloud for the first time, but when I try to connect to my computer, it doesn't work. I'm sure my password is correct and the VNC password as well.
    Is this some kind of bug/glitch?
    Thanks, I hope for a reply soon!

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    Does the error message just say "Authentication Failed" when you enter your VNC password? Or does it say "VNC: authentication failed" or "VNC: mac authentication failed: 1"? If it says one of the last 2 errors, please take a look at our knowledge-base topic related to those errors:

    If that is not what you are experiencing please let me know.
    Josh Maurer
    Visit our Knowledge Base and Manuals web site at

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