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Thread: Anyway to use Revision number for USB redirection?

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    Anyway to use Revision number for USB redirection?

    We are using TCX to redirect some USB drives to a Server 2008 R2 terminal server.

    We don't want everyone to be able to redirect their drives so we use the TCX Suite Configuration Utility to do them individually.

    I set USB Mass Storage Devices to disabled and then allow each device by plugging it in and using the "Allow this device" option which pulls the Vendor ID and Product ID from the device and makes an exception for it.

    That's all well and good but a lot of different USB drives has the same Vendor ID and Product ID! For example, I have three different model Transcend drives and two different Kingston drives that will all redirect under the same exception.

    Is there anyway to include the Revision ID in the exception for more granular control?

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    The USB Virtualizer in TCX is meant for virtual environments. When used in a Terminal Server mode, it will be used in shared mode, which is what you are seeing. That is the current behavior by design and cannot be changed.
    Roger Montalvo
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