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Thread: Devices are never notified of an update or pull demand

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    Unhappy Devices are never notified of an update or pull demand

    - WDM 4.9 on 2003 R2 (freshly updated from 4.7.2 with the 2 necessary hotfixes)
    - either for pushing or pulling image
    - packages are registered correctly on WDM
    - devices are seen on the console where we get the correct informations
    - devices are with newest or older Hagent versions (, or

    But when we manage to push or pull something than nothing happens to the Thin XPe Device (V90, V90L or R90L); the jobs are never started !

    We always have to "Roll to boot" the scheduled packages and manually order the reboot of the devices ! It may take a long long time to send all the security patches !

    Can anyone help ?

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    We went further on our tests and it looks like a bug. So we open a new case for support.

    Sniffing everything between our server and a device on the network, when our server WDM 4.9 is scheduling a job... nothing is sent to the device !
    (All other tasks are working fine.)

    Is a patch needed ?

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    Is the HAgent service started? Does updating the HAgent version help this issue?

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