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Thread: Remote Shadow Promt

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    Remote Shadow Promt

    Hi there,

    We have a few thin clients (I think they are V10L's) that will randomly get a a "Someone is trying to remote shadow... do you accept" prompt and it interrupts their connection with the server and needs to accept/deny in order to continue.

    However, we have a lab full of R10L's on Windows Server 2008, when they receive this prompt, it doesn't interrupt that connection

    We think the cause of it is Sophos on the server with a port scanning type of behavior (TCP 5900) which causes it to prompt. Another thing is, it only occurs when it is connected to the server.

    We have a few questions:
    1) Any way to prevent this from occurring (Will blocking inbound connections on port 5900 with Windows Firewall do it) without having to set up a wnos.ini config file.

    2)Is it the new Wyse thin OS that is designed so when it does prompt, it doesn't interrupt the connection or the new server (I believe the V10L's are on Windows Server 2003).

    Thanks in advance,
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