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Thread: ica xenapp desktop connection timed out on Wyse Xenith Clients

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    ica xenapp desktop connection timed out on Wyse Xenith Clients

    We are using the Wyse Xenith Zero Thin Clients, C001 128F/512R Xenith US. We are running Citrix Xen App Fundamentals 5, on a server running Server 2008 Enterprise.

    We have 5 thin clients hooked up and working. When you boot these up, they will connect to the Xen App server with no issue. These thin clients are used to boot into Xen App Destop on the server. We have 3 more we want to use. When we plug them in, they wont connect to the Xen App server. They give us an "ICA connection timed out" when they try to connect. They are getting an IP address and can ping the Xen App server just fine. We noticed the firmware is newer on the newer thin clients. We also notice on the old thin clients when it boots up, it has a Xen App portal login. Like if you were logging in via a browser, but when you login with the new ones, they show a Xen Desktop login. We are not using Xen Deskop.

    We even plugged in the new ones where an old one was and get the same issue so we know its not a network issue.
    We don't feel its the server as the other five are working great with no issues.
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    Wyse Xenith needs to point the PNAgent so my guess is your DDC is defaulting to DesktopWeb instead. If you installed defaults, try instead of pointing to the ddc ip address try ddc ip address/citrix/pnagent/config.xml. What I actually do is point to my web server PNAgent to take advantage of my WI load balancing.

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