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    Question SSL Unknown Certificate Authority

    I am using a new C10LE for a proof-of-concept project. This is a VDI test, using RDP to connect to a personal VM running on Hyper-V. I am setting up the C10LE manually at this point (no INI files yet). I had it succesfully connected to a Win2008R2 broker and it started the proper VM on the Hyper-V machine. (I think) I had to creating and copying a root certificate from the broker machine to the C10LE.

    Now, I am trying to connect it to a Win2012 Broker/Hpyer-V. Everything is set up like it should be, and I can use RDP on a Windows 7 machine to connect to the personal VM. However, I can't connect with the Wyse C10LE. I get the following error mesagebox:


    In the log, I see:

    I created a "Self-Cert" certificate on the Broker and imported it into the C10LE, as I thought I did in the WIN2008R2 deployment.

    Any suggestions ?

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    I just went through this with my Server 2012 Connection Broker. Windows automatically creates the self-signed certificate with the server's name, so I just went to the Certificates snap-in within MMC on the Connection Broker server, went to Personal>Certificates, and exported the certificate with the server's name (only one there). I then used the AddCertificate=certname.cer command in the wnos.ini file. I put the certificate in /wnos/cacerts on my FTP server.

    Tell the Wyse terminal to connect to the FTP file server and it successfully pulled down and imported the certificate, and the certificate issues were gone. I'm using an R10L, so might be a little different, not sure.

    Now to figure out my other issues with 2012 VDI...

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